Learning IT

Learning IT can be real exciting and a great step to take you to the heights of achieving real wonderful jobs and make you explore your creativity from all grounds. Programming is now focused on making connections convenient so it is necessary in the modern world since people want to save time by any means.Learning web development can give you the creative edge and that’s rare in today’s world. Learning Android can make you worthy to create your own apps according to your need, share it and make it used on every phone around. Almost every communication and data sharing happens over the internet and when you use it so frequent on your tips; it’s going to be exciting when you can make it by yourself. Learn it and you’ll certainly be better off later on in life.


  • 1. Making Website


    This course’s goal is to learn how to make a static web page. You will learn basic HTML and CSS and how to use wordpress.

  • Developing Web Services (3 months)


    In this course, you can make web services based on PHP.You will study basic html and CSS, after that, you can also learn PHP, mySQL, server and Javascript.

  • Developing Android Applications (3 months)


    The goal of this course is to learn how to make an application for Android OS. You learn Java which is a basic programming language, and assemble an application.


Fees/USD4 week8 week12 week
Admission Fees505050
Tuition Fees1,0002,0003,000
Accommodation Fees200400600

*The above mentioned accommodation fees is for the student sharehouse. For private room accommodation, additional fees will be chargeable.
*All of the above is not inclusive of consumption tax of 12.36%, which is chargeable additionally
*The fees is charged weekly, so the number of weeks is flexible.

Life on India

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    Our institute is located right in the center of Gurgaon, which is a city neighboring the capital city of New Delhi, and it is one of the most urbanized cities in India. The city is rapidly growing, and you can see the contrast between modern and traditional India. Within walking distance from the institute, there are a couple of markets and shopping malls where you can buy anything from grocery to clothing and electronics. You can also easily find foreign products as there are thousands of foreigners living in the city.
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    On weekends or even right after class, there are so many things you can do to enjoy in India, like sightseeing, shopping in local markets, and yoga. There are as many as 30 World Heritage sites all over this country, and it is easy to access many of them from Gurgaon. We can introduce many cultural activities according to your interests and preferences. And, we also have some activities in the school every day. For example, movie nights, sports activities, Friday-night parties etc.
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    Most students live in student sharehouse. It’s in the same building as the institute.
    This apartment has shared-rooms, shared kitchen and bathroom, fridge, air conditioner, and free WiFi. The accommodation cost is 195 USD per month. You can enjoy your stay with students from different countries.
    A single room accommodation can also be arranged on request. (Additional fees is chargeable)


Q.I do not belong from a technical background but now I want to be in the IT sector and learn IT, Is it possible?
A.It doesn’t matter a bit, we are group of people who pick you from the basics and can bring you to the heights, so feel free even if you belong to a non IT background.

Q.What all job opportunities do I have after learning IT?
A.Sky is the limit and this greatly applies on learning IT, in the present era from your phones in your pocket to the food you order, everything comes over the internet,and when you know how to explore them, you have jobs knocking your doorstep.

Q.What makes your Institute different from the others?
A.The plan of education style and the modules we come up with are quite different with others, and the best thing about our team is that we follow a one to one structure for training that gives the trainee a quiet focused environment to learn.

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