Religion in India

Religion in India

Religion in India is characterized by diversity of religious beliefs . India is the birth place of some of the world’s major religions like Hinduism , Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism , Islam , Christianity and others . Religion has been an important part of the country’s culture . Hinduism is the most strongest and highest among all . according to the 2011 census :

Hinduism – 80%
Islam -14.2%
Christianity- 2.3%
Sikhism -1.7%
other religion – 0.5%
no religion -0.2%
as u can see according to the above information Hinduism in India is considered to be the most strongest and powerful community . we have many Hindu temples and religious places which have a great history and religious beliefs . Western and northen part of India is the home of Hinduism ancient civilization . Most of the Hindu temples and birthplace of Hindu saints and gurus are in western part of India and it is famous for rivers like Ganga , Yamuna , saraswati . Western side is popular for Hindu Philosphy as well like yoga , meditation , ayurvedic medicine and karma . one of the world largest temple in the picture is Akshardham temple in Delhi .

the second largest is Islam . Islam came into India in early 7th century with the advent of Arab traders in Malabar coast Kerela . It started to become a major religion during the Muslim rule in the Indian subcontinent . it mostly took place under the Delhi sultanate (1206-1526) and the Mughal empire (1526-1858). and this is how it became the second highest in 2011 . the most famous mosque of this religion is Jama Masjid in Delhi .

Christianity is the third largest community in India and the largest religion in the world . Zoroastrianism and Judaism also have a ancient history in India . India has largest population of people adhering to Zoroastrianism (ie. Parsis and Iranis )and Bhai faith in the world even though these religions are not native of India . Bhai faith which recognizes Buddha and Krishna as manifestations of the god almighty .

Sikhism comes at number 4 . Guru Nanak dev ji was Pandit and the founder of Sikhism . Sikhism recognizes all humans as equal before waheguru regardless of color caste and religion . Sikhism strongly rejects the beliefs of fasting and superstition .They only believe in karma and treats everyone equally . the most popular and biggest Sikh temple shri Harmandir sahib , Amritsar

Buddhism was found by Gautam Buddha and he was a teacher to the northen subcontinent about all the religious beliefs and practices and he was known as awakened divine to all the followers . the one of the famous temple is Mabodhi in Bodh gaya .

Jainism traditionally known as Jain dharma . It is an ancient Indian religion belong to Sramana tradition which prescribes non violence towards all living beings . the three main principles of Jainism are ashima ( non violence ),anekantaveda( non absolutesim)and aparigraha (non possesiveness). one of the famous temple is Pareshnath jain temple in north Kolkata .

so like these above there are many other religions as well but very few who doesn’t belong to any religion as religion is the most important part of India

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