5 characteristics you need to learn before learning Japanese language

“What characteristics do you need to improve your Japanese ? ”

This question we generally heard from students, what characteristics a person should have for improving their language.
So here are some common characteristics everyone should have, if you want to learn this language.

1. Clear future goals

So first you need to find out your clear future goal. You need to ask the following question from yourself such as… “Why do you want to learn this language?”, “What is your future goal with this language?”, “Why is this language important for you?”, “How will this language help you to grow?”, “Is it your passion?”, “Is it your hobby?” etc.

Once you find your answer, then start working towards your goal, which ultimately and eventually helps you to learn the language. This will help you to grow your interest and you’ll start learning and enjoying your language more faster than others.

2. Be aggressive

So being aggressive doesn’t mean to shout or to talk loudly. Here it means to be aggressive in your learning.
Which means to give your attention towards the language and by going deeply into it start thinking aggressively.
Of course, if you give your 100% to something, you’ll get the result sooner or later. So behave in this manner, and start approaching more positively and passionately towards this language.
If you try to think like a native, if you watch Japanese anime or movies, if you try to go deeper like a native, trust us you’ll learn this language with fun and in less time.

3. Be patient

As you are learning a language, you need to be patient. Don’t just force yourself to start speaking like a proficient in just 6-7 months. You are just a beginner and begin it like that slowly and steadily. Follow your teacher’s instruction, and try to speak step by step. Don’t overthink and don’t just start to carry extreme pressure, by making yourself think, that you can’t speak.
Anyone can speak any language with proper guidance and by giving it some time.
Just focus on your current level and try to speak accordingly.
Eventually you’ll find out that before you get to know, you already have a good grasp in the language.
So trust yourself, and be patient.

4. Be observant

As you are learning a language, observation is something you need to do. If you notice that Whatever our native language is, we have learned it through expression and through observing the other person. So this is what we have to do here. Observe how a native is behaving or how they use their language, try to copy their expressions in various situations, try to copy your teacher in order to learn the language in the right manner.
With learning this language always remember you need to be observant towards people’s messages, their body language and gesture. By doing this you’ll find out that in Japanese culture you are being treated with respect and like one of them.

5. Be respectful

The language you are learning is considered the most respectful language having different levels of respect degrees. Japanese always believe in giving respect to other people and hope to receive the same. If you are learning this language, it is the most important quality, you should opt for.
Suppose, if Mr. A is looking for a Job in Japan having beginner level speaking ability but you are respectful which can be clearly seen in your behaviour, on the other hand there is Mr. B, who is having intermediate level or good grasp on a language more than you but that person is rude and not at all respectful towards others, so what do you think, whom should they select? of course they will select Mr. A.
So this is how Japanese culture works, and this is the most important trait one has to learn.