A Sort of Introduction

Dear readers, have you ever tried talking about yourself? Don’t you find it difficult and challenging? It simply implies to me that I would have to exaggerate the immaterial details of my personality. However, I promise to supply you with information that you can fully trust especially if my writings are going to be featured here regularly.

Being the first post, I would like to present you with a little sketch of my life. I was born in India but I never stayed at one place for a long time as my father was serving the Army. My father had several postings throughout his service which meant that I, along with the rest of my family, accompanied my father. This allowed me the opportunity to live in different regions of India as well as experience different cultures. The other advantage was that I received good education. I kept on moving from one place to another in all four directions until my father decided to find a permanent place. My family decided to settle in Punjab, where I completed my Bachelor’s degree in IT/Management before I went to Sydney (Australia) for higher education. This proved to be a decisive step in my life. Higher education, you better believe that!

I lived in Australia for a period of eight years. This period greatly affected the later direction of my life. In fact, I had no direction until then. Prior to going to Australia my existence was pretty dull. I did what others told me to. I believed what seemed convenient. I trusted everything I saw. This changed dramatically once I landed on a foreign shore. I was on a foreign land without any family, any relations, any support or any experience of having lived alone.

In the next post(s), I shall delve deeper into some of the ‘meaningful’ experiences that helped in shaping my outlook of the world.

– Harry @Misao

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