A year well ended. Or did it? What’s to look forward to?

People look forward to starting their year with many resolutions to keep. Some keep up while many fail. To some its just a ritual and a way to discipline themselves. During the course of time, I’ve witnessed individuals bucket-listing their wishes with things-to-do and things-not-to-do but to some or no avail. I consider myself to come under the less privileged who could hardly – first, be able to list priorities upto my satisfaction and secondly, be able to fulfil them. Majority in my pool would say that their year had ended with no success and only missing plethora of opportunities while trying to think and decide for the best.

To my retrospection, plans that were thought to be of utmost importance didn’t happen, rather, that which were not even to the speck of my understanding happened. There were certain things that occurred totally out of my plans and things that did not. And in all these I can say that life has taught me in abundance on how to rely on God more then my abilities. Well it doesn’t mean that one should not make plans but sit idle, rather, our plans should be as such that our success and dependency should be rested upon Him. He careth for us. This I say because I am an ardent believer. So all the blessings, achievements, success and failures too that I have experienced this year was in its entirety due to my ability to rely on Gods power to make things happen and acknowledge his grace.

To me what it means to end a year well is:
– to find myself healthy (physically) and in high spirit.
– to have been able to look back down memory lane and see how I’ve grown spiritually, professionally, and in maturity of mind.
– to have felt a sense of accomplishment in services that I’ve rendered to the society.
– relationally, what have I brought to my neighbours – especially how have people been treating me because I believe in “what you give is what you get”
– to have been able to import more knowledge by learning from people, by listening more.
– have I been able to implement what I’ve learnt.
– lastly, if I’ve been able to sync my mind to the heart and further to my hands. Being able to soak everything that I drew in to my mind and let the heart connect and feel.

Looking forward to a new year 2017, my hopes and aspirations are held up high by the fact that 2016 has been a wonderful year. This year demands me to accomplish tasks par excellence. I’m looking forward to approaching anything that comes my way with the right attitude caring less about the result but that what is right in the eyes of my God.
Finally, I aim and encourage everyone to stop living in a theoretical realm with philosophies and concepts rather accept the practicality of life and see what God has in lay for us on this Habitat. He has called us for a vision & mission greater. There is purpose of life for every individual. Let us stop being selfish and materialistic. Think through your heart and don’t always let your mind control. Listen to your heart but always talk to your heart because only listening to your heart will bring anxiety.

Hope you have wonderful and purposeful year ahead!


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