Adventurous Trip to Rishikesh

The Best education you will ever get is travelling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences. Thus, this is the time to take you all to the lap of Ganges in Rishikesh (Uttarakhand). This was a journey of one Indian with eleven Japanese friends, which began with the scenic beauty of the nature. This journey was very special as it was enriched with the exchange of culture, knowledge, and tradition with the Japanese people. It was the first time they were going to do Rafting.

all on raft

The Rafting experience was the most thrilling one as it was also my first experience of Rafting in the rain. The pleasant weather added more pleasure to the journey. Rafting under the lightning and rain was too exciting. The rapids in between the rafting journey were the most adventurous part of the journey. With great courage and enthusiasm, my Japanese friends “Jun Uegata”, “Ren”, ”Masataka”, shouted and enjoyed in the white surfs of the river Ganges which struck on their faces in between rapids. In between the Rafting journey, there was a point named, “Maggi point”, which is famous for break in the journey and indulging in some snacks.
maggie point
People usually jump from the top of that hill point into the river “Ganga”. Some of my Japanese friends, “Masataka”, “Mutsuki san” and “Minori san” also jumped into the river. We all had life-jackets so the risk of accident was not too high. After this point we resumed our journey. The big ordeals in the rafting experience were the rapids. In starting, my Japanese friends were afraid about it but after we proceeded further, they all managed to overcome their fear. Among the all rapids, the most adrenaline pumping rapids were “Roller coaster “, “Double Trouble” and “Golf course” with 3+ grading in which our raft was about to tip but with the help of our instructor and by our own courage we overcame these rapids. The water was chilly as we all were shivering with the cold. But still my Japanese friends were saying that they wanted to jump into the water one more time.


Our rafting journey ended at the very famous “Lakshman Jhula” at “Rishikesh”. From there we headed towards the Haridwar for experiencing the River Ganges worship. People from all around the world came there to see the “Aarti” of Goddess “Ganga”.
There was a huge rush at the “Ganga” “Ghat” but my Japanese friends didn’t seem afraid of the rush and they moved their steps under my guidance and they were successful in getting Goddess Ganges blessing. We felt lucky as we were also the part of Goddess Ganges “worship”.blessings

My Japanese friends said that this was the best adventurous trip for them.
After worship we all had famous Indian cuisine and “Lassi”, which relaxed us after the tiredness of the whole day.
I discovered to my surprise that Japanese people enjoyed Lassi so much. Overall, it was a journey that no one can forget. It was truly a magnificent experience!

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