Classroom Activity: Poster Making

Making posters in the classroom is an exciting opportunity for students to engage in discussion, to come up with a subject matter, negotiate the various ways in which to depict the ideas, and, most importantly, be creative. This activity is brilliant as it promotes a healthy participation from students despite their levels. Poster making can be done with equal success in small or bigger groups.

I conducted this activity in class with my students a few days ago. Prior to the actual activity, I started the class with students sharing their experiences from the evening before – a brief session which lasted for approximately five to seven minutes. I supplied the class with the required materials for the activity such as colours, sketches, sheets, etc. After this, I divided the students into two small groups and gave the instructions for the activity.

The students in each group came up with the content and theme and began to draw the posters. The activity lasted for a good fifty minutes during which the students had plenty of interaction and fun. I observed a few details during this activity which I would like to share. In my opinion, poster making is totally student-centered. Once the instructions are given, the teacher’s attention is basically divided in monitoring the students, aiding them to navigate through difficult concepts, and making note of errors for delayed corrections. This keeps the TTT (Teacher’s Talking Time) to a minimum. Moreover, I found the activity relieved the students and allowed them to be truly themselves.

Harry @Misao


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