What is MISAO Corporate japanese language?

MISAO is a well known lingual services company in Gurgaon. MISAO reached its milestone in a short span of time due to its continuous quality delivering services. We have successfully conducted the training in some of the well known Japanese MNC’s and trained the mid and high level management employees in the organization.

Our company follows the unique training techniques to achieve the desired results and we have customized training programs according to our customer needs. We conduct the training with the help of advanced technological tools to achieve the target of smooth business communication.Now a days Japanese language is becoming very popular among person to establish their career as Indian economy is flooded with the large number of Japanese industries.

India has established the long term business relationship with the Japan so it will undoubtedly generate a lots of business opportunities in India due to which experiencing the skills in translation and interpretation field will be a bright career opportunity for the young professionals.

3 Features

  • 1.No.1 Japanese language institute


    MISAO is no.1 japanese language institute in Gurgaon. We are targeting the working professionals who want to become expert in language from both technical and non technical background to remove the language barriers at the high level board room meetings. MISAO have a complete mix of Indo-Japanese culture due to which students gets the magnificent environment for learning.

  • 2.Original materials&Curriculum


    MISAO follows the curriculum designed by the Japanese natives working here from many years. These are the well experienced professionals who have done market research and completely understand the Indian market demand. There are many big corporates who are completely satisfied from our curriculum and their feedbacks are completely according to our expectations.

  • 3.Support online learning


    MISAO also provides online learning support for the people who have time constraint. This is the most unique feature and this initiative is taken only by MISAO in the Delhi/NCR. Lectures are conducted by the N1 certified experts. MISAO online learning classes are very cost efficient and lectures can be accessed any time according to the feasibility of the student within the 1 year subscription.

Our program

Business elementary course(N5)

LevelJLPT N5
Term3 months

Business immediate course(N4)

LevelJLPT N5-N4
Term6 months


  • Devender


    ・JLPT N2 holder
    ・10 years experience
    ・Lived in Japan for 2 years

  • Himanshi


    ・JLPT N2 holder
    ・5 years experience
    ・MISAO Online teacher

  • Sapna


    ・JLPT N3 holder
    ・5 years experience

Introduction examples


A Company

CourseBusiness elementary

B Company

CourseBusiness elementary&Business intermediate


Q. What is JLPT?

A. JLPT(Japanese language proficiency test) conducted by japan foundation in india twice a year. This is a government certified exam which is considered by all the major corporates in india for the jobs of interpreter and translators.

Q. What is the time span for N5?

A. Misao takes 3 months to complete the N5 curriculum and all the lectures are conducted completely according to the JLPT curriculum.

Q. Who conduct the lectures Indian or Japanese native?

A. Lectures are conducted by the N1 certified professionals who have more than 10 years of experience.

Q. What is the mode of conducting the classes?

A. Classes are conducted with the help of advanced technological tools and with the help of flash cards.

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About us


  • Established in 2012
  • MISAO is managed by Japanese
  • Teaching English to Japanese
  • Teaching Japanese to Indian


CompanyMISAO India Private limited
DirectorsDevender, Kota
Address1402, Ground Floor, Phase4, Sector28, Gurgaon
1 minute walk from Galleria Market

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