Countries and Borders are just names.

Hey friends, this is an exclusive blog. I am going to write on my experience of working with the people who have a different mother tongue, accent, skin, food, culture but the same feelings, heart and the same caring nature.

I never went out from my country, nor met any foreigners before; I never expected my first job to be with foreigners, but the state that life always has beautiful things for us in the store was proven by my case when I landed up in Misao three months ago. I was nervous about what and when to speak, since I had an illusion that people from different countries vary with each other in very broad aspects. My family had questions like these:

Are you going to work with some other country people?

Will you be able to adjust?

Are you going to live with them under the same roof?

I had no answers at that time, because even I was confused as it was something that I didn’t plan to do. But my conscious motivated me to try, and the journey started.
At first I faced little issues to interpret accents, but I kept trying and managed to be with the flow. Although I tried to know only the necessary details, because I was not sure whether we had anything in common, actually I has been a talkative Indian bee and always kept mum laughing. So to show the true way I am, I decided to meet everyone in the workplace and the house, and take a round of their country, showing them my country. We talked about my religion. Things were sometimes quite different but exciting for both of us. I showed them temples and they shared their beliefs, and I was eager to share more and know more. Sometimes it was cooking together, sometimes it was learning together, sometimes it was chatting together, and sometimes it was hanging out together. Walls of Misao started growing stronger for me; I loved the atmosphere inside the house, inside the institute and around the city with Misao family. By now I noticed that my illusion was a big false and these people were very the same like any other Indians I knew.

And the best time I came across with the foreigners was the last week Holi celebration.

I am a big home sick person and I was wondering how I am going to spend a big Indian fest like Holi without my family here in Gurgaon.

And the day of Holi came; I was not much excited to be without family, all the other employees at Misao were localities and were having the festival with their families. I was missing home and wondering how could I celebrate my festival with the people across the border, with different names, culture, and lifestyle. The morning time when we started the scenario was somewhat like this, I could be identified among the group of foreigners.


But to my surprise, unexpected things happened and by the end of the day my views changed and I felt being with family. I noticed them playing Holi with more enthusiasm as compared to any other Indians. They were more coloured and more excited. I cherish the way we finally looked.

12376685_979586745423940_2740995093078907755_n I am sure now I could not say that these were the people with different colour. We looked alike, played alike, danced alike, shared laughter’s alike.

Countries and borders are just name guys we live alike. It’s a great pleasure to live together beyond boundaries and countries. Under the same roof, eating on the same dining’s, working at the same place, sleeping at the same beds, waking up together and finally laughing together, sharing together.
With the people who still consider borders to be a big term, I would like to share my thought. It’s great to live, learn and work together. The world is booming high, so do not stop our feathers at the names of boundaries. Let’s just take a fall far away and grab all the lovely colours. Life is throwing at us, and life @ Misao is one of them.

Stay tuned:
Nishtha Shrivastava @ Misao India

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