Free Participation in the Events in MISAO 2019

We held an event on Japnese cultural games in Japanese language.
So in this article, we will report on the state of the event.

Our students tried two different types of games, “Suikawari” and “Daruma san ga koronda (statues)”. The details of the game will be explained below.

“Suika (すいか) wari (割り/わり)”

“Suikawari” is a watermelon splitting game often enjoyed in summer in Japan.
It’s a game that kids and adults can enjoy, and even play it on the beach when you go swimming to the sea in the summer.
Next, let’s explain the procedure for “Suikawari”.

The purpose of this game

In Suikawari, each participant tries to smash a watermelon open with a wooden stick.

1. Blindfold and spin

Before trying, each participants blindfolded and spun around about 5 to 10 times.

2. Give instructions

Other participants yell out instruction to prevent participants from going in the wrong direction and hitting a wall.

3. Crack watermelon

Participants believe in other participants’ instruction and smash watermelon.

4. Eating watermelon

After succeeding, chunks of watermelon are shared among participants.

“Daruma(だるま) san(さん) ga(が) koronda(転んだ/ころんだ)”

“Daruma san ga koronda” is one of the popular outdoor games for children. It’s usually played in the park.
First, I will briefly explain about “Daruma”, and next, I will explain the procedure of this game below.

What is “Daruma”?

This picture is a “Daruma”, which is modeled after Bodhidharma who was a founder of Zen Buddhism.
“Daruma” embodies perseverance and grit. Whenever you face difficulty, stand up and carry on until you achieve your goal.
It is traditionally loved by Japanese as a talisman.

1. Decide a tagger

In this game, a tagger takes command. So firstly, decide a tagger by ‘paper scissors and rocks’.

2. Start the game

Everyone except a tagger stands at the starting line. They say “Hajime(初め/はじめ) no(の) ippo(一歩/いっぽ)! / Take the first step!” then they take a step forward.
While a tagger says “Daruma san ga koronda”, everyone moves closer to the tagger.
You can move as close to the tagger as you want.
But when the tagger turns around after saying the words, everyone has be skill like a statue.
If you move, the tagger catches you and you have to hold hands with the tagger. Then the game continues.

3. Help your friends

While the tagger is saying the words, and someone shouts “kitta(切った/きった)! / Cut!” and cuts in between the tagger’s hand and your friends, your friends and you can be free.
And then everyone has to run away from the tagger.
When the tagger says “sutoppu(すとっぷ)! / Stop!”, everyone has to stop immediately.

4. Decide next tagger

The tagger asks the person who helped the other person who was caught “nanho(何歩/なんほ)? / How many steps?”.
If he/she says “juppo(十歩/じゅっぽ) / 10 steps”, the tagger takes 10 steps and touches one person.
The person who was touched is going to be the next tagger.

At the end…

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