Film and literacy / Misao Film Club

I am interested in films. My fascination with film started a few years ago when I encountered the works of great masters such as Andrei Tarkovsky, Werner Herzog, Fellini and Bergman. I was primarily interested in storytelling through film at the beginning. However, as the time passed I began to gravitate towards the visual and sonic elements too. I understood the way the image and sound are crucial to tell a story successfully. Films such as Blade Runner, The Tree of Life, to name a few, proved telling examples of such approach.

Few months ago, I chose an online course. This course helped me to see the way film can be employed in furthering literacy. During this four-week course, I learned about setting, sound, camera, and other important aspects of filmmaking. I decided to implement what I learned from this course to teach learners at Misao in the form of optional lesson. I was sceptical at first but I was more than pleased with the outcome. The leaners were receptive and supportive. They were assigned a project to make short films as a part of the lesson. It was a great learning curve for all of us involved.

After achieving such fruitful results, we have decided to start Misao Film Club. I shall post more information about this initiative and its activities in the forthcoming months.

– Harry @Misao

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