Film Recommendation: The Tree of Life

Cinema is not showing any signs of aging. A cursory glimpse on the cinematic output in the last few years will confirm this. Directors such as Alejandro G. Iñárritu (see: Birdman), Wes Anderson (see: The Grand Budapest Hotel), and Richard Linklater (see: Boyhood) have made movies that strengthen the idea that cinema is heading in a positive direction. Terrence Malick is another one of these directors who has refused to go by rules when it comes to movie making. Malick has been prolific in the recent years as he has completed three full-length features since his 2011 release: The Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life truly makes up for a unique movie experience. It’s a film that revolves around the mystery of existence and deals with such themes as the conception of Universe, the dichotomy of Nature and Grace, eternity, to name a few. Malick relies on a visual approach to get his narrative across – a typical attribute that defines much of Malick’s oeuvre. This heavy reliance on visuals doesn’t dilute one’s experience. On the contrary, it succeeds in communicating different nuances of the story to the audience. Alexandre Desplat was entrusted with the task to compose the soundtrack of the movie, which is as visual, dreamy and enchanting as the film itself. However, the soundtrack is not prominently featured on the film and acts as a complimentary piece to the film. On the other hand, Malick took special care to include an array of compositions, such as Funeral Canticle by John Tavener and Lacrimosa by Zbigniew Preisner, which imbues the film with poignant aura.

Watch the movie and let me know what you think.

– Harry @Misao

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