Friday Workshop: Short story

As the weekend is at hand, we welcome the day with yet another quintessential activity of Misao – the Friday group activity. Throughout the week the students focus on speaking skills in the first few hours keeping target language objectives in mind. However, on Fridays we aim for the students to engage themselves in a light-hearted, kinaesthetic and visual style of activity which is equally conducive to learning the language and thereby, students hone their speaking.

This Friday, it’s time to think creative, write creative and work collaboratively.

Recounting and pondering upon what they got up to post Thursday’s class, students in two groups of three’s were handed boxes labelled, Object, Theme, and Character. They had to write a Short story by including the Object, Theme and Character from each boxes after picking up one slip each. Prior to drafting the final stories, students were given time to discuss and outline the story.

Short story_blog3Short story_blog2









  An Eccentric Juggler’s Revenge                                                           A Cupid’s Cellphone


Fun atmosphere: Students were seen involved and initiative during the first part of the activity where they had to frame the outline of the story. Everybody took active participation and gave their inputs on the story. Both the groups were in the mood of competition trying to complete the task quicker and come up with the best content. Throughout the story building period there was constant loud buzz of discussion. At times students were seen exchanging jokes and mimes which kept the atmosphere light-hearted. Everybody spoke in order to convey their idea which was a good speaking practice.

Finally, after a good 50mins of brainstorming and idea-sharing session among the groups, they came up with their unique story which was proof read, final drafted and exchanged.

Objectives: Activities like this allow students to exercise their imaginations and make use of creative faculty. Also, it gives plenty of time for students to discuss which means regular communication and development of oral fluency. In addition, student seems to get engaged as it’s a relatively freer activity and they talk easily amongst each other as a result. In brief, activities like this promote oral fluency, successfully engage students and refreshes students by allowing them to be creative.


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