Let’s start with Ganesha

“The one who removes obstacles and is worshiped, before any other God.”❂

I heard my foreigner friends enquiring me about the different appearance of lord Ganesha, and I decided to write this blog to give them the story behind lord Ganesha’s different structure.

Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The origination of god Ganesha started with an incident that was faced by Goddess Parvati. One fine morning when she was taking a bath in her bath area, she instructed the loyal bull of god Shiva to stay on the door of the bath area and do not permit anyone to enter the area till she says. Nandi took the instruction faithfully and stood In front of the door, making sure that no one gets in. Lord Shiva came near the door when Nandi blocked his way telling him that it was Goddess Parvati’s instruction to block the way and do not permit anyone to come inside until she says. This made god Shiva angry, he claimed that he is the husband of Goddess Parvati and he has the right to go in. He also commanded Nandi that it was Nandi’s duty to listen to his instructions. And Nandi got helpless and could not stop him from going in. This made Goddess Parvati very angry and she decided to come up with someone who will listen to her commands and will be loyal to her at the most. She took turmeric for bathing and blessed it with life and shaped a small kid out of it and named him Ganesha.

The next time Goddess Parvati went to bath she made Ganesha stand on the door to prohibit the entrance. When lord Shiva tried to come in, Ganesha stopped him. Lord Shiva got angry seeing a small child blocking his way and asked his army to fight the kid. But everyone who tried failed. This made lord Shiva belief that the kid was not a normal child but wad blessed with some special power. He tried to fight with the little one and in anger he removed Ganesha’s head from his body.


When Goddess Parvati noticed this trembling scene she got really angry and disclosed that Ganesha was her creation and now if she doesn’t gets him back. She will destroy the entire creation around. Hearing this lord Brahma got scared as he is the creator of the world, he requested goddess Parvati to calm down and stop that deed. Goddess Parvati stated that she will only stop if she gets her son back and she has to be promised that now after whenever there is any worship or good work in India it will start with the name of God Ganesha. Lord Shiva had no option and he agreed. He asked lord Brahma to walk in the north direction and come back with the first head he founds. Soon after lord Brahma came back with a head of an elephant and lord Shiva placed that head on Ganesha’s body and blessed him with life again. And since then lord Ganesha is the first one to be worshiped always.


I hope I solved the curiosity of my foreign friends about the appearance of lord Ganesha.

There are a lot to come ahead; I will show you the hidden India.

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