How and where to learn Japanese? Why “MISAO”?

Before giving you the answer of “Why should you choose MISAO?” and “How and where to learn Japanese”, we need to focus on some common questions, which make you understand the answer even better.

Is Japanese difficult?

The most frequently asked question is “Is Japanese difficult”?
So when you search on google about Japanese language, what you find is that Japanese is the second toughest language among all, and students give up just by reading this.
Not only Japanese language, if you go for any other new language, you’ll find it difficult to speak as it is not your mother tongue.
So as you can see, we have mentioned “to speak”, because even if you learn the language, without good speaking, there is no further scope.
Similarly if we talk about Japanese Language, learning is not difficult, what makes it difficult is lack of practice in speaking. Even after studying hours, if you don’t practice speaking step by step, then surely in the future you must have thought of giving up. But there is a big but, if you go step by step, by following your teacher’s guidance, you’ll definitely get a good grasp on the language.
This language has a great potential and an excellent career scope (you can check in our career blog of MISAO), which makes this language different from others.
By following the correct study material, joining the right place and giving some of your efforts can not only make you learn this language fast but also will help you to grow in future as well.

JLPT scoring structure

JLPT focuses on “reading”, “listening”, “vocabulary” and “grammar”. Though speaking is the main part, but in exams there are only these 3 sections. In order to Pass the exam, you need to get passing marks in all three sections.
You can check the scoring structure in detail on the mentioned official site of JLPT.→

How and where to learn Japanese language?

Now after you choose this language as your career, the second question which arises in your mind, “Is that from where you can learn it?”.
So we have a lot of options, as there are so many universities and private institutions like us which are providing this course. Of course, any university or institute will definitely try to give their best still there are so many factors to consider, so choose your one wisely. By giving a check on the particular institutes website, their reviews, their existence on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc, can help you with it.
As there are some institutes which just exist in order to make money without concentrating or focusing on your student’s growth. Learning is not just to go to an institute, open books and finish.
It should be like discussing their culture, having continuous events, getting the right advice for your future and so on.


“MISAO JAPANESE LANGUAGE INSTITUTE” not just chooses the right material for you, but we even guide you towards the right path for the future. Our material and study content is properly studied by native, and we keep trying to provide the best method of Japanese learning.
Here are some details of our teaching pattern which will help you to know us better.

1. Follows punctuality

So this is the basic and most important etiquette to follow. A student can only be punctual if a teacher follows it. So we focus that our teacher will always be punctual and won’t compromise with your precious time.

2. Continue follow up for homeworks

Our teacher just not only gives the necessary h.w for your practice, but also continues the follow up on each and every student in order to focus on their performance.

3. Deep analysis by keeping the record

Our teachers keep the record for each and everything. Starting from the students attendance, their performance, their leaves, their test records, their exams records etc. And after analysing the performance, they will guide you for your best, for example, if you are going down, how to cope up to get back to the normal one or if you are going good, then how to maintain it etc.

4. Continue Test

In order to check the students’ performance, there are continuous tests for each section. We have divided our structure into 4 small semesters and one MISAO certification test (including everyday small tests, class discussion etc). These tests will help us to analyze students’ performance and will help students to get the confidence on every part they are learning.

5. Cultural Events

This is a very important point to consider. As learning is not just reading books, doing homework etc. One should involve and understand the culture as well, which not only helps you to know the language better, even help you to learn their culture and get used to it.
In order to know us more you can check our Facebook page or our homepage where you can find some collection of our events organised in MISAO.

6. Providing you the right material at right time

MISAO just does not focus on bookish knowledge. We try to provide you different materials on different levels, like our teachers provide interesting reading sections from basic to advance, if you reach to advance level, they help you to read some news stuff, shows you the videos of conversations (helps you to know better about language and their people), gives you the knowledge of writing resumes, Japanese letters, let you know interesting facts of Japan etc.

7. Friendly Environment

An institute environment should be friendly enough, so that students won’t hesitate to ask their queries. MISAO follows this concept fully and the teacher gives their time to each and every student by making them understand. We always try to maintain an environment where students can enjoy their study while growing.

How to learn Japanese language in MISAO?

Regarding “studying from institute”, we have already talked about much, “How you can choose the right institute” and “How Misao works?” etc. Still remember that the teaching patterns, materials etc, may vary depending on institutes.

Now we talk about “How to do self study”.
There could be many ways to self study, but we would be glad to let you know that we even provide online lessons ( (JLPT N5 and JLPT N4). By learning these two levels which are the base of the next levels you can go for next levels online or offline.
We provide you the material, which you can download and then start studying. You can study anytime anywhere on your favorable time and after buying the lessons you’ll get one year membership to cover the course at your pace. Our online lessons are recorded lessons and provide the curriculum which covers the JLPT in minimum time.
But if you want to concentrate on just self study you can follow the “MINNA NO NIHONGO” book for basics (N5 – N4) and “kanzen master” or “sou matome” for advance (N3 – N1).
“MINNA NO NIHONGO” has different types of book editions starting from the English translation, Japanese edition and practice books. These books are perfect for designed in such a way to cover all your vocabulary, grammar, reading, conversation and listening, or bridging the gap of next levels. And then, “kanzen master” and “sou matome” are perfect for advanced levels, focuses on JLPT and gives you the deep knowledge of each level.


Whether it’s online or offline, anyone can study this language with focus and by giving their some time. Try to make yourself indulge into it by watching Japanese related things, which will develop your interest more in it such as drama, anime, movies, cooking show etc.