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The innovations are streaming up rapidly and now we have reached a new era where technologies are reaching unexpected heights, and I am going to tell you people about one of them.
It will make life more easy, interesting, and will encourage some to get involved in IT, because I am sure after reading this blog, you will be really excited to explore the levels IT has reached.

The technology I am going to share with you for this week is “Leap motion”.


To give it an introductory session, I’ll first take a glance for Leap motion.
What Leap motion Is?
Leap Motion is basically a sensor device technology to enhance the user experience of various gadgets. This technology gives users the ability to interact with their devices by using motion as the way of communicating (motion detector). This method is a path-breaking way of interacting in the motion control area. Sensors have been used for a while now in various devices. They record changes in the parameters of the surroundings and give appropriate signals to the device. This helps in the device changing state accordingly. This same mechanism is now used to detect changes in the motion and state of the person who is interacting with the device.

Control your computer other than keyboard and mouse is an active research area always. Using sensor motion control technology, Leap Motion looks promising and is set to replace other methods of interaction like mouse, keyboard and so on. It does not need any form of touching or any other analogous method. Leap motion technology is more secure and accurate. This is the reason why leap technology is preferred and is said to be used everywhere in the future. Due to its accuracy and efficiency, leap technology has wide applications in many fields like airspace, consumer sector, entertainment and so on. Leap motion technology is surely something to watch out for in the near future.

IT is climbing and I am sure it will be exciting to be a part of the venture.

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