Journey to where I am.

My stream of formal education was the most appropriate and extravagantly promising, I thought. Information Technology was booming, it was a boon to those who could afford it, and pursuing it was a brand you ought to be proud of. Not to mention its perks such as lifestyle and lucrative remuneration were some of the reasons to adorning it as on the top of the food chain. By now my mind was engulfed with the thought of seeing myself settled and well-established in the I.T industry. Delhi had a lot in store for me. I was far-sighted. I came out in flying colours and was all ready to set sail to a cosmopolitan city- land of opportunities.

People in my part of the country are very ambitious and mainstream career studies such as, engineering, medical, business studies, Information technology etc. are highly revered. I was equally accustomed to the mainstream career culture and little was I aware of the variety and myriad ways of getting into an unconventional career. The cosmopolitan city indeed had much in store for me. I was introduced to creative career options where social services and communication skills created excellent career opportunities. It was appealing to witness people breaking the chains of conventional mainstream career-culture are actually enjoying what interests them. Of many fields of career, I was attracted towards education, especially teaching ESL. It was fascinating to see how English had become “the” most important language of communication in every aspect of our lives.

I was working for the I.T giants but I never felt I would ever be closer to becoming like one of the giants in the industry one day. I needed change, I was longing for excitement, experiencing culture, meeting people, communicating and most importantly sharing what I learn. My attention towards teaching was drawn prior to pursuing it as a career when I had the privilege teaching the under privileged kids in the slums. Joining the ESL community as a teacher and giving up on the mainstream career was a tough call to make. Although, the I.T industries lured me with perks of its own, it also had monotonous agendas that I didn’t want to comply with anymore. Becoming a language teacher didn’t promise me lucrative pay and lifestyle, but it surely promised a stress-free work, creative community, and adventurous lifestyle. This breakthrough in my career had a good impact in my life. I am enjoying my time in the classroom interacting with learners from different nationalities, knowing their culture, learning languages, understanding why they do/think what they do/think and learning their way of life. Teaching English language has brought me closer to the world without having to travel. I have met Libyan, Syrian, Congolese, Mongolian, Nepalese and Japanese learners, thus building relationship beyond national boundaries. I am experiencing the bliss of being a part of this community of sharing and learning through teaching language. I am looking forward to more and choose not to be stagnant. Keep flowing like a stream.

Some thoughts I’d like to highlight here:

People say your future depends on your career. However, I tell you, depend on your skills rather than career. Your employer can manipulate your career but your skills are yours. The foundation of your career should be your skills. Do something that you are passionate and good at. Spend your time and resources honing your skills. It will take you long way.

To me, building career is not the quintessential agenda anymore.

Throughout these years, I have gathered experiences in life to be able to pen them down, thus, sharing my journey.


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