Misao Film Club: Film screening, activities, etc.

The plan to run our own film club has proved successful. The film club is smoothly operating, much to the delight of various people who are behind it and students who are being benefited by it. We have shown four films thus far and they have been very well received by students. There have been variations in the types and themes of films we have shown, where we have tried to cover films that range from action to musical, from animation to drama. We hope that this trend to diversify the club will continue in the future. The students have displayed fondness for the films and the club has proudly attracted a handsome number of participants in the past six weeks or so. We are eager to see the numbers grow and add more activities to the programme such as watching a film in cinema or even inviting students to make a short film of their own.

In addition, I run a series of optional lessons in conjunction with Misao Film Club, where I discuss various approaches to filmmaking such as sound, character development, plot, camera work, etc. After these lessons the students are required to shoot and submit a film. The results have been astounding! I have appended one of these films as an example.


Harry @Misao

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