punjabi wedding

Indian is known for its culture ,religion, food ,festivals and many more things and when we talk about celebrations ,Indian marriages I think becomes the main thing to talk about because it includes everything which i mentioned above . weddings have strong reflection of culture and religion which includes lots of rituals ,songs, dance , food that are continuing over centuries . as we have many religions in India so same way we have different wedding styles based on every families religion and culture but one of the most popular style is Punjabi wedding style.

Punjabi community is known for their energetic and lively nature . their small small celebrations are full of fun n excitement so we can guess how their big celebrations like weddings would be . their weddings are especially known for fashion , music, dance ,food and hospitality
Wedding in India means the celebration continues for many days and sometimes months ,yes in early times people used to start preparing for a wedding atleast 6 months before and sometimes a year before too but now a days we don’t have time and honestly we have got so busy in our life that we have started ignoring cultural values and rituals its more of a formality now so weddings are limited to 2 to 3 days celebration only .

Lets talk about some of the rituals now . The very first pre wedding ritual is called Ardaas which means now a couple is committed to enter in wedlock and refuse other proposals of marriages . It is religious ceremony so its accomplished in the presence of priest or saint . He formally announces the names of the couple and their family members and they give blessings to the couple and give some money also which is very important and called Shagun in India culture .After this ritual families start preparing for the wedding .

After few days the parents again meet up and decide about the wedding date according to both the families convenience . one the date is decided 2 days prior to the wedding is the next ritual which is called Roka or Sagai . on this day brides family come to the grooms house with lots of presents and sweets to the tikka to the groom and now a days sometimes both the families decide one place may be a banquet hall or a hotel for this function .. The brides side people one by one do the Tikka ceremony give him sum presents and shagun and then grooms family do the same with bride and then they exchange rings with each other . After the rituals the family members enjoy with dancing for a long and lately they eat and go back to their houses to start arrangements for the next day . Next day infact evening is the musical night which is called Sangeet night in both the families . This is called Heena night also in Hindi its mehndi ki raat … Both bride and grooms family members put heena on their hands and brides heena is always a attraction … Her heena is special and different from others and the brides heena is always sent by grooms family which is also a very important ritual . Along with heena ceremony family members enjoy with dance music food etc and sometimes the bride and other members of family gets emotional tooring

Next morning is the wedding day in Punjabi culture we have Chuda ceremony in the morning … Bride has to wear a set of red or pink bangles brought by her maternal uncle before she gets ready and during this ritual we call a priest also and make some sweets and distribute to all present there . This is also called shagun . and the girl cant open the eyes while her uncle is making her wear those bangles .
That’s the time when parents gets mentally prepared to send their daughter away for forever.chura

Most of the parents and family members are in tears that time and its time for the bride to get ready. Usually these days they go to beauty salons to get ready and she wears bridal dress which is generally red or pink colour lehnga or suit with heavy make up and jewellery . everybody waits to see her because it is believed that the more your partner loves you , the more you glow on that day on the other side brides family reaches to the venue to welcome groom and his family . At the entrance again there is another ritual to be followed which is called Milni . In this ritual all the elderly people from both the families exchange garlands with each other and girl side people give some presents and shagun to boy side people and then they enter the venue … Then they are served with food and drinks and snacks.

Groom has a special stage or chair to sit in and he is usually accompanied by his friends and waiting for the bride to enter the hall. While entering bride is accompanied by her brothers and sisters to the stage and then she is with the groom on the stage . All the relatives then come one by one and give their blessings to the couple and give some gifts as well . After sometime the couple goes to the temple with close family and friends and there in the presence of god and priest they take Pheras and formally announced husband and wife for foreverphere

They again return back to the venue and take meal together . Then the couple leaves for the brides house and the last and most touching ritual takes place which is called Bidai . Now its time for the girl to leave her parents house and go the new house for forever . She meets everyone and usually everyone cries and send her away with a very heavy heart bidai1

. So this is how a wedding is completed and there are many post wedding rituals also which continue after the wedding as well ……………

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