Sikh Religion

India is known for its different religions, cultures ,values and the hospitality . We have many religions and it is difficult to describe them all but would like to share a little about one of the religion ….Which is SIKH RELIGION…..OR KNOWN AS …..PUNJABI RELIGION ……
Sikh religion is formed by a Hindu, his name was Shri Guru Nanak Dev JI . He was a pandit but choose to be a Sikh or in other words he was the founder of Sikhism and known as first guru of Sikh community . We have 9 more gurus in Sikh community.


He was born on 15 APRIL-1469 in Rai Bhor Ki Talvandi, Nankana Sahib Punjab Which is in Pakistan near Lahore now . As he was born there and after partition now his birth place comes under Pakistan territory so its not easy for Indians to go there but every Sikh wants to visit Nankana sahib once just to take blessings and its the first Sikh temple of the community as well ..His birth is celebrated worldwide as Gurunanak jayanti or Gurupurab in the month of october or November. This day is considered to be a full moon day of katak month . He has been called the greatest religious innovators of all time .
Since his childhood he had interest in religious things and his sister was the first person to notice this. He always believed in karma , never followed any religion neither Hindu nor Muslim or any other . He always said he is following god’s path and always asked others also to do so .His words and messages are registered in the form of 974 poetic hymnes in the holy text of Sikhism Guru granth Sahib ji.


His main purpose always to tell others to follow the path of god which is one and equal for everyone. He never was bounded under the boundaries of any specific religion and always guided others to be nice and treat others with humanity .. He traveled many Hindu , Muslim and other religion places to find out the difference but he realized god is one and present everywhere and same message he conveyed during his life through his religious messages. He was the first person to start serving food for free to people and now it is like a tradition in all Sikh temples to serve food to people n it is called Langar. THE BIGGEST EXAMPLE OF DIS IS THE GOLDEN TEMPLE AMRITSAR. Thousands of people go their everyday and eat langar everyday and its only in India , its worldwide .

Because of his karma and messages , Sikh community is known for their open and happy nature and especially for their hospitality. They are really hardworking and do not like to beg or ask for anything , they believe in earning everything by putting their efforts . The community doesn’t believe in caste system much and tries to treat everyone equal. They love to celebrate every moment of their life and doesn’t get scared of the hardships of life . Maximum of the community belongs to agriculture and feeding the whole nation with wheat,rice and vegetables and other products.
Apart from all these things this community has a regional language also which is called Punjabi language and the language also is full of love and affection , i mean the way they address others and speak is really heart touching . Same goes for the music also i mean Punjabi music is also very popular and the most trending music these days infact i would say its ruling the Indian bollywood music industry .
It was just an introduction of the community there is much more to know and explore…..would like to end up by saying that they are the people with big heart and smile.

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