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R.O. (he prefers to stay anonymous), a 21 year-old university student, came to Misao, India for a total of 30 days to work on his English and to travel. He was first attracted to India because of it being popular as a place for drastically changing people’s outlooks. After reading more about India and finding Misao’s website, he was surprised to find that his image of India as being a non-English speaking poor country was off the mark. The more he went through Misao’s “creative and easy to follow” website, the more willing he became to plan this trip to such an unfamiliar territory.

His first reaction, oddly enough, was that “things around the water” (like in toilets and showers) were very different from what he was used to. But he gradually got comfortable with that. It was the first time for him to have stayed in a share-house, and was afraid he wouldn’t get any privacy. But he was pleasantly surprised at how warm the people around him made him feel and that he went from never cooking to making cheese fondues, all thanks to his friends.

He recounts his most memorable moment in India, which was dinner on a rooftop in Jodhpur, Rajasthan at nighttime with a bunch of friends. He vividly remembers how the city suddenly lit up in fireworks from all directions.

On the whole, he feels fortunate to have met many different kinds of people with strong backgrounds and purposes in life at Misao, who stimulated and inspired his way of thinking. Also, India excited him on many different levels and taught him how to simultaneously look at things from different points of views.

– Srishti Singh

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