Student Profile

Mutsuki Sawada


Mutsuki is an ex-banker, who, after working over 4 years at a bank in Japan, quit his job to come to India. He’s been here at Misao, studying English for the past 2 months and will study programming for the next 6 months of his stay here. He dreams of establishing his own company in the future and decided he needs a combined skill-set of English and programming to do so. India became his destination to do so not only because of being much cheaper than going to the USA or Europe, but also because he thought it would be a great learning experience for him to come to a fast developing country like India.

Before coming to India, Mutsuki had been given a bad picture of India as being a country with a lack of water and electricity and an excess of cheaters. But he was surprised to find that life in Gurgaon wasn’t that much different from Japan. Except for getting stomach-aches several times, his overall experience was better than he expected. When asked about his most memorable experience in India, he talked about the day there was a power cut because of heavy rains. He said that was the day he felt like he was really in India.

He highly recommends Misao to people who want to learn English and says that he has gone from not being able to talk in English at all to his current ability to communicate with confidence within just 2 months, and appreciated Misao’s teachers and their efforts. About India, he observed that Indian people are always having fun, even if they are poor. He learnt a great deal here, and recommends the country to travellers looking for a real-life learning experience.

– Srishti Singh

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