Student views for Misao environment

I am the student of Misao institute and it had been the best Japanese language institute in my experience.I can say that we get pure flavour of Japan in Misao.All the teachers are very friendly and for teaching i’ll give 5 stars,its neither overburdening nor tedious.The best part of Misao is teachers support,we get to rise ourselves for bright future.They provide us an overall education.They taught us not only Japanese language but also the Japanese culture,their cuisine,their heritage geography..etc.They magically turned my random study to structured one and it was working serene hard work on every single student they have. The ambience is very good and lively.We are encouraged to develop our skills in listening,speaking,reading and writing.The language as it is the need of the day and it is almost indispensable.Another most exciting thing about the institute is the games,party,club and functions they conduct so that indians interact with Japanese without any hesitation.Their is no restrictions as all the members are very kind and understanding.Its very near to iffco metro station therefore becomes convenient for the students.It has been the best experience of my life and education culture.The stream of learning and taking our responsibility on priority really made me feel privileged.misao_office (2)
The teachers are not only teachers they are mentor and guide us in every way of life it may be related to education,carrier or personal assistance.It is my heartly gratitude towards the institute and the teachers.THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THERE FOR US ALWAYS Shweta.

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