Misao takes you to a new world

India is full of colours ๐Ÿ™‚

And Misao has a grand welcome for international students, Past years have made us wave through every culture around the globe and now it has transformed from the grounds of a single city to a single state, to a couple of states coming up together to make up a country and at Misao we come up with a bunch of different flowers from around the globe,combining all together to make a new world to live in.

So here am I, Nishtha Shrivastava from India, An IT Teacher at Misao, I can strongly state that I have waved my knowledge in all terms, and now I would take the pleasure to invite some more to be a part.


From teachers to students and the management we have people from India, Japan, Russia and what not.
When people talk about integrity and waving the culture of various streams at a single place, the door of Misao is the best place to knock on at.

We have food that comes up in a mixture of different traditions, we have clothes that bind up all trends, we have technologies which are shared among the different countries, we have knowledge, we have ideas together, we grab the sky in a different way all together, combining different minds.

Misao is not just educating and sharing knowledge but here we break the cultural boundaries, we break up the borders and talk beyond them.

It’s not just about an Institute situated somewhere in India. But itโ€™s a small roof under which we have languages, knowledge, technology, cultures, all exchanged together and groomed well.

Be a part, start an incredible journey. Misao heartily welcomes you.



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