The Truth about Education

Dear readers, as promised earlier I return with another short piece. In this post, I shall pick up from where I left as well as introduce some new elements. I must state at the outset that the primary focus of this post is education or, to be more precise, my understanding of it.

I recounted in the previous post that I found myself alone on a foreign land without any family or friends to support me. This was rather challenging as I had never lived alone prior to moving to Australia. My problems did not really end there. In fact, they seemed to multiply day after day. I suddenly saw myself being pulled into another reality, a world quite distinct from what I had imagined until then. Being emotionally and socially isolated as well as struggling to make the ends meet was perhaps the biggest puzzle I faced initially. In hindsight, I believe living alone and facing these problems on my own was the best lesson of my life. It brought me a step closer to the real world and prepared me for the future.

I was living the life of an international student. The life I had dreamed of since I was eighteen. However naïve and innocent my dream was, the reality of enduring it proved to be an unpleasant experience. I wasn’t unhappy with education so to speak but I wasn’t entirely in favour of the way I had been taught. In addition, my choice to study a field that I didn’t know I was really interested in or not became a source of continuous trouble. This confusion, added to the desire of being accepted in a new culture, didn’t ease my difficulties. But, on a positive note, it allowed me to start thinking about my life in a more intimate way. It struck me that if I wasn’t inclined to study a particular field then even if I performed well in it, it would end up in futility. It would be useless as my heart wasn’t in it. As a result of this notion, I couldn’t fully immerse myself in it and eventually I decided to give it up. I made a decision to part with it and pursue something that would leave me satisfied. Something that spoke to me, something that nourished me. This was a new beginning. I understood that education wasn’t just a tool to earn money. I saw something bigger in it. It wasn’t simply an exercise of memory. I realized that in order to be meaningful, education must become transformative. It must penetrate into every aspect of an individual’s life.

– Harry @Misao

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