Thermal Imaging Camera-One of Source for Hacking Pins

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This one is now from some Hacking world. Nowadays, in the world of technology advancement, hackers always try to misuse the inventions. Thermal Imaging Camera is one of those inventions which are misused by the Black Hat hackers. I shall present you with a brief account of how this technology is being abused right now and suggest ways to protect yourself.
Now, what is Thermal Imaging Camera and what’s the science behind it?
A thermal imaging camera is a type of thermographic camera which is also used in firefighting. The “Thermal Imaging Camera” operates on infrared imaging science. By rendering infrared radiation as visible light, such cameras allow firefighters to see areas of heat through darkness, or heat-permeable barriers.
The warm objects appears well against the cooler objects present there.

Heat of the human body
Heat of the human body

One of the most common areas where this technology is applied is EDC(Electronic Data Capture) machines. When someone presses the ATM PIN on the card machine (with plastic buttons) your fingers’ heat leaves imprints on the keypad for at least 1 minute. During the duration of 1 minute one can easily find out the buttons that were pressed with the help of Thermal Camera. This is why the technology is open to abuse.

Fingerprints on EDC machine
Fingerprints on EDC machine

In a similar way, when viewed through a thermal imaging camera, warm objects stand out well against cooler backgrounds. For an instance, on doors with a passcode system, if the buttons were metal we could blow hot air with our mouth to see which buttons where pressed, then one just have to press different combinations of those buttons to open.
Now, the question arises that how can you protect yourself from being hacked…
Quite simply, by being cautious and mindful you can protect yourself from being hacked. Whenever you need to press buttons on the card machine, just touch all the buttons on the card machine so that the heat of your fingers leaves imprints onto all the buttons. As a result, the thermal imaging camera would capture all the imprints and thus the hacker will not able to identify your PIN.
Technology is a double sword, really. It can be a boon but also a curse in disguise. We have to ensure that there is enough awareness of how the current technology is subject to abuse by those with wrong intentions. Well, I suppose, this leads to another debate related to ethics.
Be safe and good luck!

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