Untitled Short Story

Reading short stories have never been boring and never will it be. You can dive right into the writers imagination allowing you to meet the characters, participate in the event and empathise with the writers every emotion.
When you talk about great short stories, American literature has some impeccable examples. Well, I am not a writer of any genre. However, I wanted to test my ability to imagine, thus creating fiction story with character, setting, conflict, plot and theme – the key elements in writing a short story. The story doesn’t have a title and it just invites you to read to know. No scope of prediction here!

The Story –

Something strange woke me up. When I checked my watch it was 12:05a.m. I looked out the window and I saw the deep, damp, dark night sky outside was shone by the shiny silver moon. As I kept looking at the moon admiring its immaculate beauty, my eyes caught a strange shape, moving across the street slowly nearing and hovering over the gate of my compound. Then I witnessed a mysterious stout man that managed to hurdle over the locked gate entering the property.
My mind was still trying to adjust to the spontaneity of what was happening. I could not react but watched what the mysterious man was about to do next.
The night was cold, dark and windy. The man quickly positioned in the corner where we our mailbox was located. He sat down right underneath the mailbox and wrapped himself with a sheet of cloth which he had packed it in the bag.
My curious mind was constantly anticipating the next move of that strange man, as though I were in a Sherlock Holmes episode trying to deduct a mystery. While my eyes were fixed, I started noticing a dim light flickering. It flickered at a constant interval. This kept continuing for about 15 minutes as far as I could remember before I fell in to a deep slumber besides the window.
The streaming rays of sunlight woke me up and as I looked out of my window the man had gone away. It seemed like a dream and I could hardly visualise it anymore. I went to the entrance of my house and opened the door. I walked straight up to the mailbox in my quest to find any evidence and assure if the flickering light I saw that I could faintly recall was a dream or not. To my surprise, I found bits of burnt papers on the grass with silver foils curled up pea-pods lying. I wanted to have a closer look, so I grab opened one of those many curled up silver foils and found ashes black and charred. It took a while to identify the substance and right then the flickering light at night made sense. The burnt substance was in fact the remains of Heroine drugs. Well I was aware that people around in my community are quite affected by drug abuse. However, when I started looking around for some more mysterious clues, it took to my spine to see my mailbox, that hasn’t been in use for several years due to the use of Electronic mailing system, was stuffed deep with tiny packets of unused fresh Heroine drugs. I was petrified at the sight of the drugs and started collecting the pods of Heroine into a bag. Later, I phoned the police and informed them about the incident. After handing over the case to the local police and washing off my hands from the case, I quickly worked on uprooting the mailbox and there I installed a street lamp. The mailbox was a dark place but now it gives light – Every dark can be lit up.


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