We came alone, but make sure you have hands to wave you back.

Life takes you at places. Places you always wanted to explore. You travel for years, years and years. Explore the hardest and meet the toughest, but when the journey gets deeper and the storms get harder. When you need a break, you turn around and travel home for a while, the place from where you originally came. When you meet the people you left behind to grab more heights, you suddenly realize,
“Hey! this is what I was exploring around for, this is the ultimate destination I have always searched for.”

Well, coming out from the theories and speaking up the waves I faced myself, I have ended up thinking that nothing in the world can be better except the roots you came for, off course the height matters, but only when you hold the roots hard. Life is a journey and it’s not worth it to come alone, live alone and go alone. I mean running from your loved ones, from your responsibilities and chasing the short time slots will not gather people to cry when you die. Only the ones you loved will have their hearts sinking.

What made me speak all this was, when I look around nowadays, what all I found is a group of ambitious people, leaving their roots, their parents, family behind and being glad to commit that they love their free life. I respect the points people have but I still feel myself so complete, so free even when I have three more people holding me, many people calling me, asking me about my whereabouts. It’s really not great to achieve and smile alone, but it’s magical when you have a reason to sprinkle your smile around. It’s great when you just step and there are many looking towards you to share that step with you.

I hear people talking about modernization and privacy features, but is that what defines us as social beings?


I think it’s a big no. If this is what social beings are, we should all check out our social networking accounts and recheck the statement.
If the virtual world is so dense, why not the world here we are living?

Charity begins at home and when you take a turn towards the place you left behind just to search the best life has in stores. You’ll definitely come across the fact that the best part was here; life blessed you the day you were born.

I strongly motivate you all to pave your path for the best life has but I would advise you up to stretch your body tight, touch the sky and keep your feet’s with the ground because the moment you lose the roots , you lose it all.


I know we came alone, but let’s not go alone, at least memories will be enough to accompany us and the blessing will be great to take the happy last breath.

Life is full of colours, live it the best and have fun

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Nishtha Shrivastava

@ Misao India

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