Weekly Activities at Misao

Misao is different from any other language schools you could find. Here at Misao, not only do students learn from their teachers (often more than what they pay for), but teachers also learn all sorts of things from their students. This is because our motto at Misao is to create long lasting relationships between students, teachers, and staff alike. We encourage activities that enable interactions between all Misao members and regularly organize such activities to not only give people an opportunity to understand one another and make friends, but also to create realistic environments for them to practice English (or Japanese). Some of our recent activities are listed below:

1. Presentation Club

Presentation Clubs are conducted weekly on Tuesdays after classes. Here students prepare on topics they know well about and give presentations in front of other students and a teacher. This helps boost their confidence and public speaking skills. Furthermore, they practice researching and preparing speeches in English.


2. TED Video Discussions

Also conducted weekly, discussions take place before and after watching TED videos. This enables listening practice and allows discussions on farely unusual topics, enabling students to think and form opinions before sharing them with one another.


3. Debate Club

Topics for Debate clubs held on Thursdays are selected after consulting students and are posted few days in advance so as to enable them to prepare well ahead.


4. Sports or Games Day

Sports like basketball, badminton, table tennis, and interactive games like mafia are played weekly for physical exercise and also to allow them to make friends and build comradery.


5. Web Club

Every week students and teachers get together to learn about web building and designing from each other and work on their own websites.


6. Mingling Parties

All teachers and students eat and drink together, talk to each other and sometimes play games like table tennis, mafia or drinking games.


Who says learning cannot be fun?

– Srishti Singh

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