World on your Palate

Hello again, This time I bring something new on your plate. I have chosen to share one of my interests that I have developed since moving in to Delhi.

As the saying goes “the way to a Man’s heart is through his stomach”, is fairly agreeable. I love food, well, who doesn’t? Over the years, food lovers around the world have grown. Long lost and common traditional food have become popular.People have started documenting ethnic food, making it glamourous and commercial; presenting and promoting cuisines of different region through media.

Throughout human existence, food has played a vital role in bridging fellowship and has brought people closer. All is well that ends with a meal! (Haha). Growing up in an environment where no fellowship or social gathering ends without a hint of refreshment, luncheon or grand feasting has actually made me believe that food is essential in a social gathering. It does bring people closer. Each region and each country has its uniqueness of food-the aroma, texture, character, colour, ingredients and complexities in preparation. One cannot fully know about people and culture of a region without indulging their palate tasting authentic ethnic dishes. It’s a journey.
Lately, I have been hooked into trying out world cuisines myself. During my work as an ESL trainer, I’ve had the opportunity to meet people of different nationalities and since then my hunger to learn more about the world (at least some parts) and delicious food grew. However, my sense of taste is yet to savour world cuisines to the fullest. I have tried few authentic world cuisines. Most of my food tasting ceremony takes place through this powerful tool of audio-visual communication over the vast network of information- The Youtube. Not to mention that I’m partially addicted to the travel, living and cuisine blogs. It has only elevated my interest to digging deeper into the subject and discover more. In the next few lines I’ll be sharing some of the channels and blog links that I follow.

1. Andrew Zimmern– Bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmern

2. Anthony Bourdain– No Reservation

3. Gordon Ramsay– Kitchen Nightmares

4. Jamie Oliver– Food Tube

5. Mark Wiens: Travel and food Blog| Thailand|Singapore|Malaysia
Links: –

6. Life where I’m from– Everyday life in Japan

7. Bangkok Fatty

8. Poh Ling Yeow– Poh’s Kitchen (Apologies! Couldn’t find a proper blog link.)

I come from a place where fresh and rare culinary produce is found in abundance. And one of the ways of knowing my culture, region and the people around is certainly by knowing the cuisine that we revere. So, why don’t we catch up over a meal?


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