What is MISAO?

MISAO is Japanese language institute in Gurgaon. We have Japanese language course in Gurgaon for Indian students and Indian businessmen. MISAO designs special course modules applying the latest and the most effective teaching method. One teacher is Japanese nationals and one is Indian and they are fully trained. During a course, reports will be submitted to the company regularly, mentioning evaluation of the participants along with status of attendance and submission of homework etc.

Knowing Japanese language brings job opportunities.The leading Japanese companies are among the largest, most efficiently run, and most well-known firms in the world. Familiar names like SONY, TOSHIBA, SANYO, CASIO, CANON, MINOLTA, SUZUKI,HONDA, TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI, and many others have infiltrated the world market in a variety of sectors.

6 Features

  • 1.No.1 Japanese language institute


    ​MISAO language institute is only one Japanese language institute in Gurgaon. We have one Jpanese teather and one Indian teacher who can speak Japanese.We guarantee that we will offer very good quality of education.

  • 2.Many Japanese students


    ​We offer not only Japanese class but also English class for Japanese. So there are many Japanese to study English. That is why MISAO is almost Japanese environment. You can make Japanese friend and talk about any topics in Japanese.

  • 3.Support to study abroad


    ​We’d love to support your study abroad to Japan. We can arrange your study abroad to Japan. We already sent student to Japanese language institute in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan. They are learning Japanese in Japan.

  • 4.support to get a job


    ​We’d love to support getting job in Japanese companies in India. We have a lot of connection with Japanese companies in India. We can support you make your resume. And you can get your train for your interview with Japanese company.

  • 5.Curriculum by Japanese


    ​Our curriculum is made by Japanese. We guarantee that our curriculum make your Japanese skill better than before.You can learn and strengthen grammar, writing, speaking skills in this Japanese language institute in Gurgaon.

  • 6.Dormitory support


    ​We offer​ ​accommodation as well. All the people that includes Japanese student, Japanese teacher, English teacher stay this accommodation. After you learn japanese in the Japanese language classes, you can communicate with them. This environment must be ideal to learn and practice Japanese.

What is JLPT?

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), which Koryo Kikin and the Japan International Education Association in Japan (Currently Japan Association for International Education Assistance) have started in 1984. At the beginning of the course, the number of examinees in the field was around 7,000 in the whole world, but the number of examinees in 2011 is about 600,000. It is becoming a human test to Japanese, and it is the largest scale in the world.


N5 is specially designed for beginners. During the course, the learners will be taught how to use the Japanese language in everyday life. Reading and Writing of 3 kinds of Japanese script i.e., Hiragana, Katakana, around 50 Kanji (Chinese characters) will be taught, along with this 400 words will also be introduced.


N4 is for the learners who have already passed Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) Level 5, or have knowledge of Japanese language equivalent to the level. During the course, 150 Kanji and approximately 400 words will be taught. After completing the Intermediate Course, this course will focus on JLPT N4 which includes grammar to a limited level, around 300 Kanji and 1500 words. The learners will have the ability to take part in everyday conversation and to read and write simple sentences.


N3 is for those participants having knowledge of Japanese language equivalent to JLPTLevel 3and N4, participants who have cleared our basic course can also join this course. During the course, 400 Kanji and around 2,500 words will be introduced.


  • Student Course

    Period4 months
    Lessons90-100 lessons
    LevelJLPT N5-JLPT N3

    In this course, we focus on conversation level of Japanese. So we will teach Japanese from basic. By leaning Japanese from basic grammar you can understand Japanese properly.During the course, the learners will be taught how to use Japanese language in Gurgaon.

  • Business Course

    Period4 months
    Lessons60-80 lessons
    LevelJLPT N5-JLPT N3

    In this course, we focus on business skill of Japanese. We will do lesson by using real situation in business scene.We understand your strength and weakness, then we try to focus on your weakness to strengthen that part.

  • 1to1 Private Course

    LevelJLPT N5-JLPT N3
    Fee1,000Rs/1 lessons

    This course is option for above. you can learn Japanese in MISAO and you can also stay in our accommodation. All the student in MISAO that includes Japanese student,English teacher, Japanese teacher stay in our accommodation. We offer ideal environment for you surround with English and Japanese as optional.


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Q.What all opportunities do I have after learning Japanese language in the Japanese language classes in Gurgaon?

A.Now a day’s India has good relationship with Japan so Many Japanese companies are coming to India every year. These companies need bilingual person who can interpret and translate so you can get good jobs in these companies.

Q.Shat is the number of students in a class

A.There are usually 5 to 6 students in one class.

Q.Can we get Japanese environment in the Japanese language institute in Gurgaon?

A.Yes, we have Japanese staff and you can talk with them and can learn about Japan and Japanese culture.

About us


  • Year of founding:2012
  • MISAO is managed by Japanese
  • Teaching English to Japanese
  • Teaching Japanese to Indian


CompanyMISAO India Private limited
Address1402, Ground Floor, Phase4, Sector28, Gurgaon
1 minute from Galleria Market

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