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Located in Gurgaon (near New Delhi) India, Misao Pvt. Ltd. is an English Language School run by Japanese people. Our services include language study and IT programming classes in India. Over 300 students have successfully graduated from Misao since it began in 2012; and we still continue to have higher turnovers every year.
Coming to Misao would not only allow you to develop your English language and programming skills, but also to have unforgettable and enriching experiences that you’d carry with you for a lifetime.



English Course

We offer English courses in India, which is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world.Our English courses are based on Cambridge materials.Classes consist of well-balanced 4 fundamental language skills – reading, listening, writing and speaking.



IT Course

We offer programing courses in India, which is a leading country in the IT industry. So India is one of the best places to study programing. We offer 3 types of programing courses. All courses are designed for beginners.



Japanese Course

We have N5,N4 and N3 level Japanese lessons.Knowing Japanese language brings job opportunities.Nowadays more Japanese companies are coming to Indian market ,if we know Japanese language we can get good job in Japanese companies.